Manufacturing Design: Sand Casting Aluminum

As a member of a 4 person team, we were tasked to demonstrate a manufacturing process by creating a product with one of the techniques used in manufacturing. Our team chose to sand cast a 3D printed plaque using traditional sand casting methods.

Sand Casting Setup.png

Capstone Design: Electrostatic Space Charge System For Reduction of Airborne Particulate

I worked as a key member of a 5 person team to analyze and model an existing electrostatic space charging system. The goal of the project was to analyze the performance of the charging system by using a Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer as well as a Condensate Particle Counter to determine the rate which the charging system could clear the particulate from a room at different operating voltages and develop a Matlab model that would accurately model the clearing rate inside the test chamber.


HVAC Design: Energy Analysis of Driftmier Engineering Expansion

I worked as a integral member of a 3 person team to design and analyze an expansion wing to the Driftmier Engineering Center. The goals for this project were to estimate energy usage and cooling and heating loads using eQuest to size the equipment appropriately.


Feedback Controls: Magnetic Levitator Design

For this project, I was a member of a group of 4 students tasked to build a magnetic levitation system that demonstrated our knowledge of the feedback control process. The goal was to work out the feedback control system by finding the poles and zeros of the unstable system then add in a feedback controller that would force the poles to the left hand side of the imaginary axes in the Laplace domain resulting in a stable system. The object my group chose to levitate was a spherical ball bearing due to its uniform shape to reduce external forces on the system. Unfortunately the design did not levitate the ball, but a lot was learned in the process.


Integrating Technology in The Workplace: App Design

The purpose of this project was to develop an app that was new, useful, and creative. I was tasked to understand how users interact with technology and develop a user interface that was simple and easy to use. Using Sketch 3, I designed the different pages in the app as well as all the icons in the app.

guided cup.PNG


Professional Practice: Business Plan

I worked as a member of a 2 person team to develop a business plan for a fictional green building design company. The goal of the project was to develop a business plan that accurately represented an actual business plan to familiarize engineers with the process. Factors such as target market, location, and employees had to be factored into the creation of the business plan.


Engineering Systems in Society: Food Systems

This project was a semester long project that consisted of two parts. The first part was a research paper that looked into waste in a specific part of the food system. I performed an analysis on household trash and how recycling can reduce the waste and overall energy consumption of the food system.


Part I: Research Paper

The second part was a magazine article of the local food system. For this portion of the project, we were tasked with exploring a scenario where Athens-Clarke County imposed a “local only” food system. Through research, observations, and interviews we constructed a news paper article that explores the local food system in the county.


Part II: Newspaper Article