Work Experience

aai-logoAir Analysis of Atlanta Inc. (AAI)

Air Analysis of Atlanta is a TAB and Cx firm located in Conyers and Athens, Georgia. During my time at AAI I have performed a variety of different tasks that are specific to my skill set. I worked on a two-man team developing JavaScript PDF forms that function as data sheets for the tab technicians. These data sheets improve the performance of the technicians by automatically calculating values and formatting the data properly.

I also worked on a project to develop a server that pulls data from ALC, a building manage met system, using PHP, SOAP, and SQL to store and graphically display data. I designed an d built the server as well as installed the Linux operating system and programmed the server to function as a proxy server to make the calls to ALC and post them to Quickbase to be viewed by the building owner and AAI.

In addition to the programming tasks at AAI, I also have worked in the field testing HVAC equipment and worked as a commissioning agent for many buildings on UGA’s Campus.

Development Planning and Engineering Inc. (DPE)

DPE is a civil engineering firm located in Buford, Georgia. At DPE I worked as a surveying crew member on a two to four person team across many job sites. I was assigned many tasks including surveying topography, boundaries, infrastructure, and building sites. As a crew member, I was entrusted with important tasks such as calibrating the equipment in which error is unacceptable and would be a costly mistake.